Where You Should Get Eyelash Extensions in Tokyo

Japanese eyelash Extensions

Planning to visit Tokyo and interested in getting eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions is huge in Japan, and there are hundreds of affordable salons available for you.

Today I will introduce you to some of the best-value salons for eyelash extensions.


What You Should Know Before Booking

Find First time offer

Most of the places offer one-time discount which you should definitely take advantage of as a foreign visitor.

The market in Japan is so competitive that almost all the places have these promotions. Just make sure you understand the terms of the promotion because sometimes the promotion is only valid for a certain number of lashes (not full service).

Avoid small private salon

I have been to quite a few salons myself, and some of them were in a tiny apartment owned and operated by a single person. I do not recommend them, unless you know the owner in person or have heard about it from your friend.

Not trying to say it’s shady or anything, but has higher risk of quality issues since it’s easier to hide the fact that the eyelist doesn’t hold a required license or proper training, when operated in one’s small apartment.

Personally I much prefer a larger open space than a tiny private room in a residential apartment (definitely awkward for the first time visitor).


After-Care is the Key

Be aware that once you get your eyelash extensions, you need to check what you are using for a makeup remover.

DO NOT use oil-based remover as it will damage your extensions immediately and cause them fall off. I mentioned my recommended product for eyelash extensions in the below article if you are interested 🙂

Best Japanese Drugstore Makeup Remover You Should Try

Also avoid sleeping with your face against a pillow because that obviously messes up your eyelashes!

Salons that You Can Book Online

All of these salons currently run special offers for the first-time visitors, and has English website allowing you to book online.


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Crazy Beauty


Located in Shibuya. Has partnership with California-based eyelash salon “LASH SPOT”.

They also run schools for eyelists (is this a word in English? a beauty professional who does eyelash extensions) whichi is a plus in terms of quality.

Generally salons for eyelash extensions are concentrated in Shibuya neighborhood or Ginza, which means that the pricing is quite competitive in these areas 🙂



Eyelash More


Also located in Shibuya. Super affordable and perfect to try as a fun activity in Tokyo.


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Located in Ginza, where the crowds tend to be more mature and sophisticated (in my opinion) than Shibuya. I love getting my hair and eyelashes done in Ginza and doing shopping, feeling all well-maintenanced  🙂


Hope this helps! 🙂



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