What to Get for Souvenir in Japan

Japanese souvenir

Hi guys!

Can’t decide what to get for souvenirs in Japan? I have some ideas for you.

Here I listed items that I have recommended to my friends which worked out great.

I tried to avoid items like “chopsticks” because they sure are pretty to look at but kind of not practical unless your friends use them on a regular basis.



Cosmetics could be tricky but you should definitely try going into Japanese drugstores like “Matsukiyo” for souvenirs.

Drugstore cosmetics in Japan obviously have lower price points than those at department stores (eyeshadow starting from 500 yen), yet they work great and the packaging is so kawaii 🙂


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Definitely try checking these brands for the cute packaging and price point suitable for a souvenir.

  • Majolica Majorca
  • KATE

I wrote about the drugstore cosmetics in another article, you should also check it out 🙂

3 Best Drugstore Cosmetics Brands in Japan


Japanese Knife

I cannot stress enough how much I love Japanese knife.

There are a wide range of brands and some of them are quite expensive. But you can definitely find a decent knife starting at 2,000~ yen to bring back as a nice souvenir.

Whenever I have friends visit from overseas, I recommend Japanese knife as a souvenir, and they all absolutely love them.

It’s so comfortable to hold and use, great quality & no stress. You’ll be surprised how sharp they are.


Japanese Snack

Japanese snack is an always easy way to go when you literally have no clue what your friend would like.

Here is some of the safe items you should know of!


Kitkat Green Tea

My top recommendation is Kitkat “green tea” flavor. You can never go wrong with this.


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This flavor is so popular that it became Kitkat classic flavor in Japan, yet it’s quite hard to find overseas unless you get it imported.



Second most popular among my friends is YOKU MOKU. YOKU MOKU is good for more of formal occasions since the cookies are all individually packaged and placed in a nice box.


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It’s a rolled thin cookie that looks like a cigar.


That’s it! Hope it helps 🙂



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