Uzu: Best Eyeliner that Opens Your Eyes

If you’re a J-Beauty lover, you might have heard of FLOWFUSHI, the best-selling eyeliner in Japan. Just like many J-Beauty brands, FLOWFUSHI, which means “never getting old nor dead”, had been praised for its quality and affordability for long, and just rebrand itself as “Uzu”. This new brand, standing for “vortex”, seems already established its name among Japanese millennial and Gen-Z.

What is Uzu anyways?

Unframe the Beauty.

As its philosophy shows, Uzu was born to let everyone re-discover the beauty within, and enjoy it without any restrictions. In order to achieve the goal, Uzu offers 13 colors of eyeliners. With variety of colors from black to white, red to blue, yellow to purple, the brand raised a simple question to us.

Should eyeliners be always black? No, we can choose what we love and want to wear.

uzu eyeliners

My favorite colors from Uzu

So, I’ve tried several colors of Uzu eyeliner, which was a big growth for me, who’d only used black since I started makeup. To be honest, I felt unsafe in the first few days without being “protected” by my long-time partner. However, then I found I really loved some of the colors! Here’re my two best favorite colors: burgundy and brown.

uzu eyeliner

It was actually surprising for me, but burgundy is my perfect answer when I want to add a small accent in my makeup to make it a bit playful. It’s perfectly between red and brown and matches most eyeshadows I have, such as brown, khaki, gold, copper, pink, and so on.

Brown has, on the other hand, become my basic, replacing a black eyeliner. Compared with black, brown makes my makeup look more mature and soft. I also love the coloring of the package… Did you know how sky blue and brown can match each other? This was a big tip for me and now I sometimes enjoy this coordination of colors in my makeup!

Handcrafted brush

The brush of Uzu are crafted by the hand of 7 artisans in Kumano, Japan, which is widely known as the best production area of makeup blush in the country. This soft brush allows me to design the line that I want. The brand helps younger professionals working on traditional brush-making, in order for our traditional arts prosper further.

Gluten-free, alcohol-free, cruelty-free!

It’s good that now more and more Japanese young generation are interested in how the products we consume are made with what. Uzu tries to be committed to sustainably-sourced ingredients and be kind to animals, which is becoming one of the biggest factors when millennial and Gen-Z do shopping.

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