Three: Best-Selling Natural Cosmetics Brand in Japan

three balancing skincare

Hi everyone! Spring is just around the corner in Tokyo. I can’t believe March is almost gone and the new year will begin very soon! (In Japan, calendars for education and business start in April)

Personally, FY2018 (Apr 2018-March 2019) was one of the most memorial years in my career so far, when I completed my assignment in US and finally returned to Tokyo.

Honestly it was very challenging to adjust myself back into Japanese business practices, which no longer seemed very reasonable in some extent. Sometimes my skin got very tired and colorless because of being stressed, then I found I need low stimulus, natural skincare products urgently.


THREE Cosmetics: Japan’s best-selling natural beauty brand

So, today I’d like to talk about my love in Three Cosmetics, which I believe Japan should be proud of having. I’ve been a big fan of this natural beauty brand for more than five years, since when I tried its Balancing Cleansing Oil.

This naturally-derived oil has been my best partner, even when I stayed in Colorado. I bought 6 bottles of this oil and brought them to US to protect my skin from Coloradan dry, harsh air… And it perfectly made it!


three balancing oil


Why we love THREE?

Alright, so now you want to know the reasons why Japanese women are so obsessed with this brand. Here are 3 (THREE!) reasons why;

1. Transparency and localism

Yes I felt some pressure that I should only put three reasons in this post because it’s about THREE.. so yes, the first reason actually includes two, but both are about raw materials.


THREE, in its official website, declares the followings;

  • Use of Japanese ingredients as much as possible
  • Use of ingredients that conform to organic certification standards whenever possible
  • No use of genetically-modified ingredients
  • No use of any artificial fragrances or coloring
  • No use of parabens
  • No animal-testing

three ingredients


It’s fun to have a look at “Ingredients Dictionary” in its website, where you can find a variety of essential oils, floral oils and botanical waters, and so on.

Also, the website explains the ingredients of every product it sells, so we can check what really are in the products before putting them into a cart! I looked up and found my best favorite “Balancing Cleansing Oil” contains Bergamot Fruit Oil, Frankincense Oil, Rosemary Oil, Mandarin Orange Peel Oil, etc., and 88% of the materials are naturally derived.  So transparent.


three cleansing oil


And what makes this brand very distinguished from any other beauty brands is its focus on local.

THREE is the brand who values our long-time trusts in domestic ingredients. Many local, small things were very downgraded in the last century in mass consumption society. It’s time to revalue what is around us, which can also be very environmental-friendly with less logistics costs as well.


2. Simplicity

Simple means beautiful.

I don’t know why, but packaging as well as advertisements in Japan are usually very “busy”, with too many letters, mysterious logos and weird characters to grasp attentions from customers. Marketers and designers might be able to feel safe with putting as many info as possible, but in my opinion, IT’S NOT A RIGHT MARKETING, NOR A GOOD DESIGN.


However, the packagings of THREE products are very simple, where you can feel Zen philosophy.


three balancing skincare


3. Effectiveness

No matter how the raw materials are good and how the packagings are beautiful, effectiveness is always our top priority.. And THREE ensures it! I’m sure now you can easily believe the effectiveness of THREE products with carefully-selected local ingredients.

When talking about my beloved Balancing Cleansing Oil, it really works well on my skin under any circumstances; from Japan’s humid summer to Colorado’s dry winter. The natural essential oils helps my skin to keep necessary moisture while cleansing makeups, which is the best feature of this long-selling products in Japan.


I’m sharing my enthusiasm for each product that I actually use and love here.

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