Shiseido Eye Cream: Best Partner to Kill Under-eye Circles

Hi everyone!

Recently I had to travel a lot to neighbor countries, South Korea, China and Taiwan for my work and my skin gets very dry and tired. I hate the moment I feel my foundation does not fit my skin because of the dryness… and unfortunately, I face that moment quite often recently.

So today I’d like to talk about how I’m trying to minimize the damage from traveling, especially from the long international flights.

What I do to minimize black circle under my eyes

So here are what I do to minimize my black circles under my eyes, usually caused by a long flight, less sleep and dry air.

Drink water!

First of all, it will never be enough to put pricy lotion or cream on your skin. You should put water inside your body.

In Japan, we say 1,500ml of water is good to keep our body well-hydrated. If you’d like a moisturized, bright skin, start with a glass of water right after getting up, and bring your cup to your office or workplace to enable you to drink water whenever you want.

I know it’s not easy for some of you to drink water, instead of beverages with a flavor, such as tea, juice, coke or coffee. Drinking water is ideal, but you don’t need to be so strict at the first stage. Let’s begin with what you can drink constantly. Just avoid taking too much sugar!

Use eye cream.

Unfortunately, drinking water and use a plenty of lotion are still not enough for skin ender our eyes. Because of its thinness, it needs special treatments in addition to a normal care on other parts of your face skin.

Honestly, any brands should be much better than nothing

Here’s my favorite eye cream, which always support my busy life traveling a lot by long flights.

Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream

Again, Shiseido is my best partner in skincare. I addition to the Perfect Whip face wash, I also love Benefiance Eye Cream, which moisturize my skin under eyes to make it look cheerful.

Shiseido benefiance eye cream

Benefiance is basically an anti-aging skincare line by Shiseido. I’m not sure if I already need “anti-aging” care, but considering the black circles are caused by tired and dry skin, I believe it’s good to go with this cream focusing on moisturizing under-eye zone.

So I use this cream as the last step of my morning skincare routine, after washing and putting lotion and moisturizing milk.

My secret to make my foundation fit my skin well is to wait for 5 minutes after putting this eye cream to let it get inside of my skin and get ready to protect from dryness. I know we all are busy in the morning, but this 5 minutes is actually a good break for me to boil water and make tea to be relaxed.

Look! Taylor Hill also says eye cream is important (She’s my icon and a Bronco fan mate!)

I’m actually running out of this cream now, and thinking of trying another line from Shiseido next. I’ll let you know about my decision later!

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