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Hi guys! so I’ve been talking so much about Three, my favorite Japanese natural beauty brand. Today I’d like to spare time for another natural products made in Japan.

Tokyo Born and Raised Natural Beauty

Marks&Web is the new brand by Matsuyama Co., Ltd., originally a family-owned soap manufacturer (well, the very origin was a coal trading company, surprisingly) in Sumida, Tokyo. The brand was born in 2000 with some basic products including handmade soap, which is still the brand’s best-welling product.

Why Marks&Web So Distinguished?

Japanese Naturally Filtered Spring Water

Do you know how much water our body has? It’s said 60-65% of our body is water. No need to say how important it is to drink pure and clean water, but we should also choose water to be used for our skincare products very carefully. Marks&Web knows it well, and use natural water in Mt. Fuji area, where soils play a role as filters.

Carefully Selected Botanical Ingredients

Essential oil, herb water and juice of fruits, leaves and roots are the major and most important ingredients of Marks&Web products. The brand carefully chooses the best materials for each products, from both perspectives- effectiveness and comfort.

Variety of Trial Kit

Need to be brave to try a new beauty product? I have exactly the same feeling, and Marks&Web has a perfect solution. Almost all skincare and haircare products have their small trial sets, which are also good for travel. I stop by at the shop nearby and pick some new products at trial size, and test them when traveling.

3 Best Marks and Web Daily Products

Handmade Botanical Soap

This handmade, candy-like soap has been the signature product of this brand, representing its philosophy; daily products made by Japanese natural ingredients.




桜をイメージした数量限定の石けん「ハンドメイドボタニカルソープ サクラ/菜種」。桜の香りを思わせるトンカビーンズ精油で香りづけし、淡いピンク色は植物由来の色素で着色。マイルドな使い心地で洗顔にもおすすめです。春の訪れを感じるような限定の香りをお楽しみください。贈り物にもどうぞ。 #marksandweb#マークスアンドウェブ#ボタニカルソープ#ハンドメイドボタニカルソープ#ソープ#石けん#桜#菜種#サクラ葉エキス#トンカビーンズ#トンカビーンズ精油#天然精油#数量限定

マークスアンドウェブさん(@marksandweb)がシェアした投稿 –

There are variety of choice, but my favorites are Yuzu and Olive & Squalane. My best partner in weekends relaxing bath time! I use this both for face and body, and feel my skin gets softer and relaxed after being washed with this soap.


This is my another favorite, and I don’t remember since when I’ve used this handsoap. My recommendation is, as this Instagram post, to use the handsoap and lotion together, to avoid dryness on my hands. Camomile fragrance makes me relaxed every time I wash my hands!

Also, as a Japanese brand, Marks&Web offers you a refill of this soap too. Let’s act for less plastic bottles!

Essential Oil

As one of the first products which Marks&Web was born with, the brand still introduces variety of high quality of essential oils. You might feel lost with so many options, but you can just listen to your body. Our body knows what it wants and needs, and lets us know. Choose what you feel like you really want, which is the one that your body wants now.

Not only using for massage, I love using this oil in my bath time too. A few drops of lavender oil clears my thoughts and makes me relaxed and go straight to bed!




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