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I’ve talking much about skincare in my posts, but today I’d like to share my enthusiasm for hair care. My mom has said beautifully-cared hair is equally valuable with beautiful luxury dress, and I believe it’s so true.

Botanist: Japan’s favorite natural hair care products

Botanist means, in the dictionary, an expert in the scientific study of plants. This Japanese hair care brand was born with the concept “to live in harmony with nature and plants”.

Before Botanist was introduced, hair care products showcases were dominated with shampoos and treatments with artificial ingredients. We had no choice but using these products in order for “beautiful” hair, whose image was made by mass media. Botanist opened the door for us, to real beauty and the lives connected to nature.

Carefully selected natural ingredients

Botanist products are made with carefully-chosen plant-derived moisturizing ingredients. Avocado, white birch and sugar cane are widely used in its shampoos and treatments, making our hair well moisturized and shinny.

Also, silicone-free hair care has been praised in Japan, and most of Botanist shampoos are free from silicones. Silicones reduce frictions in hairs, which damage them and make split ends. However,

Effective for every hair type

Born as a pioneer in Japanese hair beauty industry with a concept of using naturally-derived ingredients, Botanist has expanded its variety of products and functions. You can choose your best based on functions, such as moisturizing, damage-care, scarp, etc. Or, if you don’t know what your hair really wants, you can just try the flavors you like. The brand offers many great options- fruity, floral and some seasonal special.

Botanist Shampoo (Smooth)

This silicone-free shampoo has been my favorite since Botanist was born. Now the brand has a variety of hair care products, but this signature shampoo focusing on smooth hair is one of the oldest members.. and still is my best hair care partner.

I have a bit thinner hair than typical Japanese do, so shampoos which focus too much on moisturizing are usually too rich for me. This product, however, assures a perfect balance of moisture and lightness in my hair, with functions of several natural ingredients, such as white birch, sugar cane, licorice, and soybean, etc.

Fragrance also attracts me. This double-fragrant recipe, with green apple and rose, keeps my hair smelling good for long. Green apple comes first with refreshing flavor, then rose note comes giving elegant and relaxing scent. I love using Botanist Treatment (Smooth) as a conditioner, together with this shampoo. Though these two are scented differently (Treatment has fragrance of apple and berries), they have a perfect mix and keep my hair light, glossy and smelling fruity!

Botanical Damage Care Shampoo

So what I’m thinking to try now next is this new member in Botanist family, focusing on damage care. The secret of this shampoo is its recipe with several seed oils, such as argan oil, camellia japonica seed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil. Especially I’m interested in how camellia seed oil works on my hair, as in Japan the oil has been used for long in women’s hair care routines.




【Smooth and silky hair】 昨年より定番シリーズとして仲間入りした、人気のダメージケア。髪のダメージ、枝毛・切れ毛が気になる方に特にオススメです。シャンプーには2月の誕生花である、フリージアの香りも入っています✨ ⠀⠀ 心地よい爽やかな風を感じながら、ツヤ髪をなびかせて♪ ⠀⠀ Last years addition to the BOTANIST family, the popular Damage Series. Recommended for those who experience dry and damaged hair. The shampoo contains the flower Freesia which has its flower birthday in February. Gives you smooth and glossy hair with a refreshing and uplifting finish. ⠀⠀ #BOTANIST #botanisttokyo #ボタニスト #ボタニストトウキョウ @botanist_official

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