Best Sunscreens Loved in Japan

japanese sunscreen

Hi everyone!

Summer is coming! I believe, among all beauty products, sunscreen is the best thing to test how Japanese brands do well. They have developed its products very closely with Japan’s harsh humidity in summer. I’ve tried sunscreens by various brands from US, Europe and Latin America but still believe Japanese are the best. Their effectiveness are worth being well praised.

japanese sunscreen

Best sunscreens lasting long for a day

So here are my best friends in summer, which you should try at least once in your life!

Shiseido BB for Sports

Actually, this sunscreen is my all-year partner, not only in summer. I use this BB cream with sun protection every morning like a primer, after skincare routine. It’s also good for quick makeup person, as this covers almost all troubles on your skin and doesn’t need foundation on it. This BB has 3 different colors so you can find your best match!

Shiseido’s Wet Force Technology

Thanks to Shiseido’s own “Wet Force” technology, this formula makes itself more effective when exposed to water. This means, sweating is no longer a problem when you put sunscreen. For anyone who do sports, outdoor activities or walk outside for commute, etc, I recommend this BB.

Biore UV Aqua Rich / Spray

Biore, Kao’s leading beauty brand for sensitive skin, dominates the sunscreen market in Japan. Compared with Shiseido, Biore is more affordable side and I’ve actually been a big fan of this sunscreen series since I was a teenager. The perfect balance of performance and price-tag!

Biore sunscreen

Biore UV Aqua Rich -For everyday protection

So this is also my long-time partner, and I put it on my arm and neck to protect them from UV everyday in summer season. This super light and smooth gel just fades away right after you put it on your skin. It drys very quickly and almost no texture will remain. You’ll feel like you’re not putting anything on your skin, but it is there and protecting you form UV. This also has a waterproof certificated, and I don’t usually do retouch or a normal day. When I play sports outside, I do it just when I feel I sweat a lot.

Biore US Spray -For emergency

Actually it was in US when I found a spray-typed sunscreen and I just fall in love with the products for its easy applying on my skin. This is a perfect products for lazy (or, busy?) person like me. So I always kept it in my bag and sprayed it while waiting for the first traffic light on my way to the office. It was also good after 5, I just stopped by at a restroom and sprayed it again, to protect my face and arm from the strong sunset light in Colorado.

So when coming back to Japan, I just went to pharmacy to look if Japan has the same type of sunscreen spray.. and found Biore does have! Now this spray is always in my bag and whenever I feel a strong UV, I just spray it to protect my skin.

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