Best Laser Hair Removal in Tokyo

laser hair removal in Tokyo

Are you sick of shaving everyday in the summer? We all are.

But I feel like laser hair removal is way too pricey in the US and unfortunately the convenience of not having to shave doesn’t justify that cost.

Today I wanted to talk about hair removal. If you are ever going to Japan, I want you guys to try Japanese permanent laser hair removal.

I honestly think it’s one of the best things Japan has – great hospitality and affordable price.

Things to Consider for Laser Hair Removal in Tokyo

Decide Clinic or Salon

There are two types of hair removal, which are clinic (medical) hair removal and the one at a salon.

Salon is generally cheaper but requires multiple visits (for example, to get your armipit treated, you will need to visit the salon over 10 times), which may not be suitable for foreign visitors.

Clinic (hair removal is out of insurance coverage) uses more effective methods which will bring results quicker, even after one treatment.

I definitely recommend a clinic since a number of visits you can make is limited, and although salon is much cheaper per treatment, it really doesn’t make much difference unless you could continue doing it for a year or so.


Price Depends on Which Part of Your Body

So armpit is the cheapest in general. Whereas legs and other large areas tend to get more pricey. You can definitely consult with the clinic, but again I personally think not having to shave even just your armpit will make your life MUCH better, and you should try that at least.

Things to Know Beforehand


You need to shave the part that you are going to get treated prior to the visit, otherwise some clinics will charge you for it.

Make sure you are all set before going to the clinic 🙂



Cancellation tends to get strict for hair removal, so be aware! Cancellation charge could range from JPY 3,000.


Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Tokyo

I listed two of the most famous clinics in Tokyo. They are both well-regarded and offer English website & reservation.

Shonan Beauty Clinic

Shonan Beauty Clinic Official Site

They have super competitive pricing. They also offer “Ultra Beauty Laser Hair Removal”, which is catered to people who want to receive skincare at the same time.


There are quite a few locations throughout Tokyo. Since the pricing is competitive, customer service is somewhat mediocre. It’s perfect for those of you who want to save money and dislike Japanese excessive hospitality.

Reference: Starting at JPY 980 per part & per treatment


Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery

Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Official Site

They offer single treatment instead of packages like the majority of other clinics. I think such system at Shinagawa makes more sense for foreign visitors as it’s always cheaper to purchase a package only if customers can stay in Japan for a certain period.


Even after one or two treatments, with medical laser removal you will immediately see a difference.


Reference: Starting at JPY 2,770 per treatment for armpit




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