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Hi guys!

karaoke is a huge pop culture in Japan, and I’m assuming you have decent amount of interest in trying Japanese karaoke, since you are on this page!

Karaoke culture in Japan is incredible as Japan has around 10,000 karaoke places with state of art karaoke machines throughout the country.

Today I will give you my recommendations on where and how to karaoke in Tokyo.


 Where to Karaoke


If I were to choose the best neighborhood to do karaoke in Tokyo, it’s definitely Shibuya.

For one, Shibuya has TONS of karaoke places you could choose from (just type in karaoke on G map), but also is generally cheaper than the other areas.

For example, Karaoke Kan (we call it Kara-kan, my favorite) offers all you can drink package for the same price as a regular package in the other central areas.



With that said, Yaesu comes next. Yaesu is in the east of Marunouchi/Imparial Palace by Tokyo Station.

Since Yaesu is in the heart of the business district, business people enjoy their happy hour drinks then karaoke on weekdays.

So this means there are not many people out there on weekends, which is why I LOVE Yaesu for doing karaoke (no waiting list whatsoever!).



I listed Shinjuku as it has so many of karaoke places also, but beaware, karaoke in Shinjuku usually has a waiting list.

Honestly I would hate to wait for ~30 minutes just for karaoke when you have lots more choices elsewhere.

So yes, you do get many options in Shinjuku just not sure how long you would have to wait for it.


Major Karaoke Chain

Karaoke Kan


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This is by far my favorite unless you want to eat while singing (food here is definitely not the best), main reason being “VIP card”.

They sell this “VIP card” for 5,000 yen (valid for a life time) which lets a holder use their vip room with no extra charge.

I bought it because I really really can’t stand staying in a tiny little room at Japanese karaoke. Even if I go karaoke with maybe one or two other friends, I want a party room.

This “VIP card” is so worth it if you are planning to use Kara-kan quite often, plus I believe they have the most competitive pricing system of all the other major karaoke places.



If you want somewhat nicer feel to your room and services, I recommend Pasera.

They have super unique themed rooms and great food choices. It’s more for a little party rather than a quick karaoke break with a few friends like Kara-kan.


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So, once you check in at karaoke, you will usually be given 2 options for karaoke machines.

I recommend JOYSOUND for foreign visitors looking for English songs as JOYSOUND has a larger list of songs than DAM.

On JOYSOUND, I often find English songs that are not as popular and also I couldn’t find at DAM.

Whereas DAM has top-notch rating systems (it’s used for one of the popular Japanese TV shows) and other fun games.



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That’s it! Hope you’ll enjoy karaoke in Tokyo 🙂



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