Best Japanese Face Mask Brand for Everyday-Use

affordable face mask

Hi everyone! Now it’s almost a year-end in Japan (Our business and education calendar starts in April!).

Spring in Japan also means the pollen season, which makes our skin very sensitive and easy to get troubled. We need to focus more carefully on keep our skin stable and bright.

Best affordable face mask for everyday use

I know when people talking about facial mask, it’s sometimes about the special treatment for your face before important events, such as wedding or business gathering, etc. However, now the world is changing and more and more brands are launching affordable masks for everyday use. Here are my real recommendations!

LuLuLun Face Mask

LuLuLun is the best-known face mask brand in Japan, which successfully changed our image of face mask. The family has a variety of selection with the basic line, precious line and limited editions, which can be found in some areas in Japan.

Why we love LuLuLun?

There’s no doubt that LuLuLun is the biggest name in Japanese face masks. But why?

1. Affordable pricing

Price determines a lot! Affordability is one of the most important factors when choosing everyday-use products, and LuLuLun marks a good score in this exam.

If you’re a beginner and just want to try a basic line, you can get 32 or 36 sheets at ¥1,500 (=$13.6). Less than $0.4 per mask! More than reasonable pricing for everyday-use, isn’t it?

affordable face mask

2. Effectiveness

Since I met LuLuLun, honestly I’ve never been able to use other everyday-use masks. Its thick mask and plentiful lotion make your everyday skincare something special. You can feel like you’re treating yourself in a gorgeous spa or esthetic club every night. Seriously.

Now I don’t need any toners nor lotions during night-time skincare to moisturize. My skincare routine after bath became so simple; LuLuLun → MUJI Moisturizing Milk → That’s it! This simple 2 steps works on my skin so well.

3. Easy handling

I hate face masks get messed up when pulling out from packages… But LuLuLun does never make the mess. Masks are in the square box with a big slot, so you can always pull the mask one-by-one very easily, without getting annoyed.

lululun precious mask

4. Pretty local versions

As a Japanese woman, I’ very typical to love “local limited edition” in everything. LuLuLun is such a good marketer to have many versions of its special masks, featuring local ingredients such as green tea, lemon, olives, strawberries, etc.

local lululun

My favorite is Setouchi lemon from my home, Setouchi region (on the left in the image). Vitamin C derivative from lemons makes my skin clearer and brighter!

My actual #1 mask in LuLuLun family

lululun precious

So, here I tell you about my best of best face mask for everyday use. With using Japanese domestic ingredients, such as rice oil and camellia seed oil, LuLuLun Precious Red has been my essential in skincare routine.

I’d used Blue LuLuLun from the basic line, which also focuses on moisturizing. However, the Precious line uses thicker sheet than its sister line, the basic, which sticks to my skin and delivers active ingredient directly! I don’t face any big troubles even in this horrible pollen season and my skin is more stable in this spring.

The price for this Precious mask is ¥1,600 (=$14.5), still $0.45 per mask! Wow. I respect and send my love to all the people involved in the product development of this mask.

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