Best Japanese Face Wash Available at Pharmacies

japanese face wash

Hi everyone! Today’s question is.. What is your most important part in skincare?

In Japan, we value or even prioritize cleansing and washing. Before rushing to luxury brand shop for pricy lotion, cream or makeup products, we should review our cleansing and washing products for their effectiveness.

Best face wash available at pharmacies in Japan

In Tokyo or any other cities in Japan, we have easy access to local or nationwide chain pharmacies, aka drugstores, filled with affordable and effective skincare products! I can say one of my beauty routines is to explore drugstores to check what’s hot now and what’ll be the next trend in the beauty scene!

My favorite face wash products

So let me talk about my weekly face washing routine. In short, I use two products; Shiseido’s Perfect Wash on weekdays and Obagi C in the weekend.

Shiseido Perfect Whip

shiseido perfect whip

Shiseido is always on my side! This Japanese beauty giant hold many types of beauty brand, including SHISEIDO, Laura Mercier, Anessa and BareMinerals, and “Senka” is the line focusing on face washing.

This long-selling Senka Perfect Whip is just literally a “perfect whip” to wash your face.  It’s very easy to make fine and light foam, which can gently wash out your face quickly.  Don’t forget to use foaming sponge or net!

I strongly recommend this face wash especially for women who can’t spend very long time at night for skincare from Monday to Friday. Again, it’s so easy to make a foam fine and light that you don’t need to rub your face, but just massage it gently. You’ll find your skin gets clean while keeping its moisture.

2019-03-31 12.42.37

Senka has a series of face wash; basic, collagen-in and white clay. I’ve been a big fan of the basic (blue) because it works on my skin so well. White clay also has big fans among Japanese women seeking for brighter, whiter skin.

Obagi C Powder Wash

So you have a stereotype that face wash has to be a foaming cream? Not really. Powder-typed face wash is a big wave in Japan now, for a special cleansing to kick out whiteheads and blackheads, which is hard to pull off by a normal washing. I use this face wash powder for my special care in the weekend, to deeply cleanse dirts and blackheads out. See how to use Obagi C Powder Wash here;

Though Obagi is originally Californian, Japanese Rohto Pharmaceutical has a license of development and localization in the country. Unlike many US-oriented beauty company, Obagi has made a great success in Japan by closely focusing on concerns and goals of local consumers, not by expanding its original products and recipes.

This face wash won the @Cosme’s first prize in powder face wash devision in Sep-Nov 2017. @Cosme is Japan’s biggest beauty crowd-sourced review site and its ranking has a power in our decision making what to buy.

obagi c powder wash

I still remember how surprising it was, when I first washed my face with this Obagi C Powder Wash.. It was different, and I could feel it just by touching my skin right after rinse the foam. As it’s a bit strong for everyday use, I recommend you to use it only in the weekends for a special cleansing, just as I do. It’s a perfect match with Shiseido Perfect Whip, too!



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