Best Japanese Drugstore Makeup Remover You Should Try

Japanese makeup remover

I feel like people tend to forget the importance of makeup remover.

I understand it is not one of the most exciting component of your everyday skincare, although without thorough cleansing, all the time and money you put in your skincare will not be as effective!

Japanese people are super aware of this, and there are hundreds of amazing makeup removers out in the store.

Honestly before going for expensive department store brands, you should check out affordable, yet high quality Japanese products available in drugstores.

So today I will introduce some of the best Japanese makeup removers available at drugstores.

Best Japanese Drugstore Makeup Remover

For Face

Chifure Washable Cold Cream



This is by far my most favorite makeup remover available at drugstores. Chifure is one of the long-standing, affordable cosmetics brand in Japan.

This makeup remover definitely got me into everyday deep cleansing. The popularity boosted on SNS in Japan, and I had to go into dozens of drugstores before I finally was able to find one.



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Its jar-type container is filled with thick, white cream that I feel like will last for a year. Best bang for your buck, ever.

Once you place the cream on your face, gently spread it and massage your face with it (use it with dried hands), until the cream will become oil. Wash it off, and use your usual face wash.

I want you to touch your skin after washing off, you’ll be surprised how soft it is. It’s pretty amazing.

This outcome totally justifies ongoing SNS haul about this product. My face definitely lightened up after I started using Chifure Washable Cold Cream.


For Eye makeup


Privacy Mascara Remover

Who doens’t hate it when you use your makeup remover and get out of shower, only to find your makeup hardly came off.

I hate having to touch up after getting out of shower.

With this, I never had the same problem. I also love how tiny this thing is, because I can easily bring it with me for a travel.


You apply it just like you apply mascara. and wash it off with warm water, and use your normal face wash afterwards. Great for waterproof mascara. Easy and stress-free, thumbs-up!


Lash Pure Deep Cleansing

I also wanted to mention, there are a bunch of makeup remover made for eyelash-extensions as eyelash extensions have been super popular, and you’ll be amazed by how cheap it is in Japan compared to the U.S.



Even though eyelash extensions are quite affordable in Japan, you still wanna take a good care of them so that they stay looking good. You cannot use oil makeup removers because those will damage the glue and cause your extensions to fall off.


When I had extensions on on a regular basis, I’ve tried so many drugstore removers but NONE of them worked until I met this one.

I love how cute it looks and has a pump applicator, as well as that it’s ok to use with wet hands.



I will keep you updated when I find other great removers, but I am so happy with these for now and will continue to use them 🙂


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