Best Beauty Products at Daiso You Must Buy

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Japanese dollar-store, Daiso offers every little life-saving item that you could ever think of.
Literally anything, from decent skincare products to I don’t know, gardening supplies.

From all those items, people get hyped up about the beauty products, because they are quite amazing for the price as cheap as 100 yen.

Today I am gonna show you what beauty product you should buy when you drop by at Daiso in Japan.

Best Beauty Products at Daiso



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You just need to place a tiny bit of face wash inside the cup and pump the top part with a stick several times. With this item, you can make super thick, rich cream that helps clearing out your pores.

I absolutely love this product. I had a hard time finding it in the store when it first became popular.


Silicone mask 3D


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It’s a facial mask cover made of silicone. Believe it or not, this item is probably the best purchase I made at Daiso. Whoever came up with this idea is SO clever.

You can do laundry or get other things done with a facial mask on because with this your facial mask doesn’t fall off no matter what you do.

Also the cover prevents the facial mask from drying up, which means it boosts the result from your face mask and your skin will be extra moisturized.

Also, check out this article where Aya listed the best daily mask that you guys should try out.

Best Japanese Face Mask Brand for Everyday-Use

Royal Jello Serum


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This is a multi-purpose beauty serum, which is super popular that some people list on Amazon with a premium (~1,000 yen).

Recommended use it to apply on your eyelash or hair. The product strengthens your eyelash and helps your hair get shiny and sleek.

If you ever come across this item, you should definitely give it a try.


Mish Bloomin fake eyelash


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This is not a dollar store quality. It’s so soft and easy to handle. You can get several wears from one pair.


Sponge Curler


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I was skeptical when I first saw this guy. But hey, I purchased more after using it because these products work just great, it’s better than using a conventional hair curler.

For one thing, you just roll your hair around them at night and your hair will have perfect curls in the morning (saves me 30 minutes!).

And also it obviously does not damage your hair at all cuz it doesn’t use heat to keep your curls.

Last but not least, it’s so light that you can bring it with you on a trip. I personally hate to add extra weight to my luggage by bringing a curler, so this is great.


Hope this article helps when picking items at Daiso! 🙂



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