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Hi everyone! Today, I’d like to talk about petit-price cosmetics in Japan, aka “puchi-pura”. 

I can’t deny that we Japanese women are under strong social pressure to be always beautiful, or kawaii (And, “We all are beautiful as we are” culture goes too slow to arrive here). However, at least we have a bunch of choices what to use. We don’t need to spend a stupid amount of money for luxury cosmetics in Japan. We have petit-price cosmetics, which still ensure their effectiveness.

Best petit-price products by Shiseido

As the nation’s “flagship” beauty company, Shiseido has developed world-class mega brands, such as SHISEIDO, Cle de Peau Beaute, NARS, Laura Mercier and BareMinerals since 1872. I addition, the giant has also enhanced its name in petit-price beauty industry. Here are my favorites!

Majolica Majorca 

With its brand concept “Opening the door to kawaii”, Majolica Majorca has been Shiseido ‘s one of the most successful brands among teens and millennial.

To be honest, this brand has been my “it” cosmetics label since I was a teenager, and still I love some of its products. The first makeup product I bought was “MajoMajo” mascara when I was a junior high student.

Lash Bone Eyelash Primer

Which part in your face so you focus on the most in makeup? For me, eyelash is my biggest concern besides overall skin. Nowadays I’m more and more focusing on my eyelash to enhance my eyes naturally instead of putting artificial colors on my eyeholes. 

So, I have very critical eyes on mascara and tested many brands, Japanese, Korean, American and European. I’d love to spend another 100mins to talk about my passion to mascara on the other day..

However, before wearing mascara in the morning, we should get our eyelash prepared well for a day. As we use primer on our skin before putting foundations, we should do the same for our eyelash to let mascara last long for a day. 

Okay, so MajoMajo does a brilliant job here. Its Lash Bone works best among all the similar products, helping my eyelash keep well-curled. Especially on a rainy day, I re-appreciate the fantastic function of this primer. It basically locks my eyelash and never get it down until the cleansing at night.

majolica majorca


Shiseido knows well it should make different approaches towards different generations. If saying Majolica Majorca focuses on younger women, INTEGRATE is a brand for millennial women, who understand what is really important in our lives. We no longer buy a product just because everyone has, but do shopping based on what we really need or want.

So, what makes this brand distinguished from others its the balance of functionality and affordability.  My eyebrow, my another focus during makeup, is all made by INTEGRATE!

Nuance Eyebrow Mascara 

My best favorite INTEGRATE product is the award-winning Nuance Eyebrow Mascara. I always keep my eyebrows matching up with my hair color, and this eyebrow mascara works perfect! It looks very natural on my face and lasts long (finding our eyebrows gone in the afternoon is one of the worst moments in our life, isn’t it?). I don’t need to worry about my makeup in the afternoon now!

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Actually I’ve also been a fan of Glossier Boy Blow, the unicorn brand’s signature, but considering the price and color variation, INTEGRATE won this match. 

2019-04-13 14.43.33

Petit Crayon and Eyebrow Pencil

So my other favorite items from the brand are also for eyebrow, which make my eyebrow stay long and look sophisticated. My recommendation is the crayon, which locks the color on my eyebrow and keep it so long. My everyday routine is make the base with the crayon and add some length with the pencil, followed by the mascara to adjust the color. Well done!


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