5 Weird Things to Do in Japan that You Won’t Find Elsewhere

drinking in Japan

Hi guys!

Looking for weird social situations to experience as a fun activity in Japan?

I have a list of things you should check out.


Maid Cafe in Akihabara

This is definitely the top of my list.

It’s a restaurant/cafe where female waitresses dressed like maids will serve you as if you are their master (but nothing naughty about this place). It’s a dream come true for many guys who love anime with a similar concept.

So that being said, if you wanna experience the most weird social situation that Japan can offer, do go here.


The first time I went to one of the maid cafes in Akihabara was with my friend from the U.S.

We randomly picked a place and sat down at a table, and was greeted by waitresses dressed like maids.




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The maids came to our table and handed a menu. And then they started to sell their somewhat expensive “package” of food with crazy show options (like maids singing and dancing on a mini stage in the corner of the cafe for you).

After we ordered some drinks, they occasionally came around and taught us how to sing and do kawaii tricks like this.



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It was a weekday so there were hardly any people there, which made it even more awkward….but overall it was an interesting and different experience. Definitely recommend trying otaku culture while you are in Tokyo.



Host/Hostess Club

Host club is a nice bar where male casts will sit down and hang out with you. Hostess club (we call it “Kyaba-kura”, short for cabaret club) is technically the same thing but the casts are female.

Many host/hostess clubs offer first time discounted package (like 5,000 yen all you can drink for the first hour), so if you want to experience it you have to take an advantage.

You can either walk around in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho or look up online for which bar to go to ahead of time.


Aisekiya (Dating Bar)

It’s an unique bar that match a group of girls and guys, so they can meet new people while drinking. It’s a new and popular type of dating service.



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What’s cool about it is that girls can drink and eat for absolutely FREE. While guys pay 1,500 yen for the first 30 minutes, and 500 yen for every 10 minutes after.

It feels too good to be true but perfect for girls who want to find their potential boyfriends AND eat/drink for free.

I highly recommend it to foreign visitors who want to meet local Japanese!

Manga Cafe

Manga cafe is my absolute favorite. This place is literally a combination of manga + cafe. Offers all you can drink (usually non-alcoholic) plus all you can read (manga) paid by hour or half an hour. Just googlemap it and these type of places are everywhere in Tokyo.

Once you register at a counter, you get this tiny little cubicle/room to sit and read manga.

Many places also have shower booths, and believe it or not, some people actually even live here (!)

This type of place has been around for quite a long time in Japan, and I think it’s so unique.


Alright that’s it for today! Let me know what you guys thought about these places 🙂



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