3 Best MUJI Skincare Products Raved in Japan

MUJI skincare

Hi everyone! Okay so it’s time to talk about my love for MUJI, Japan’s best successful lifestyle brand growing globally.

MUJI, aka Mujirushi in Japan, means “no brand” in Japanese. As the name shows, MUJI products don’t have big logos nor unusual design, but focus on the core value, such as usability, effectiveness and affordability. This is the reason why this brand has been raved for in this country, where people has extremely high standard for quality and cost effectiveness.

Best MUJI Skincare Goods I love

To be honest, I’ve been a fan of MUJI products since I enrolled in college (Don’t ask me when). The Light Toning Water that I first bought at MUJI store when I was 18 is still one of my favorites and I always stock at least a bottle in my beauty inventory. So how is it good? Here’s why.

Light Toning Water -High Moisture

MUJI has developed a variety of skincare products, some of which have been already gone. However, this Light Toning Water has been in the brand’s catalogue for more than 10 years. My skin has been stable and not experienced a critical issues with this toner for years.

The remarkable feature of the skincare lineups of MUJI are the natural spring water in Japan, which penetrates and moisturize our skin very gently. This toning water doesn’t have a cutting-edge function, such as anti-aging or whitening or, whatever, but moisturizing is the bestest skincare policy, isn’t it?

muji toning water

Cut Cotton Ecru

Do you apply your toner by using your hand? Stop its and try cotton pads, you’ll find the difference easily. It’s said our hands also absorb toner or lotion, so it’s better to use cotton to use them effectively. Also you can apply toner very evenly on your entire face skin by using cotton.

This MUJI Cut Cotton, large-sized cotton pads with unbleached natural cotton, helps me apply my favorite toning water very well on my skin and maximize its effectiveness. And the 135 pieces are available just at ¥490 ($4.00). Worth trying! My favorite way to use this cotton is as a special musk, by applying the plenty of Light Toning Water and pack my face.

MUJI cotton pads

Booster Essence Lotion

Booster is kind of a boom for me now, and yes, MUJI has a good one here too! So, this Booster Essence Lotion, is to be used right after the face wash to get your skin ready for skincare. It contains camellia seed oil, which makes your skin very soft and relaxed before applying toning water, cream, etc. (Yes I should have written this first to be in order, but the Toning Water is my best of best and I wanted to let you guys know it first..).


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