2 Best Three Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

three conditioning mist

Hi everyone! So I’ve talked why I’m love in Three, Japan’s best natural beauty brand. Now I suppose you guys are interested in the brand and want to know which products of Three I really love and actually use for everyday skincare. I have very sensitive and dry skin, and need my skin always well hydrated. However, it’s not easy at all in Tokyo without reliable beauty partners.

Aya’s Real Favorites in Three

Three Balancing Cleansing Oil

So let me repeat, cleansing and washing are the most important part in my daily skincare routine, and this cleansing oil is my long-term relationship partner that I’ve never betrayed.

This 88% naturally-derived oil melt makeups and dirts on my skin very quickly, even if I put strong UV screens, water-proof mascara, etc. If these things stay on your skin, you’ll never see your skin in the best condition even though you put plenty of luxury skincare cream or gel.

three balancing oil

To maximize the effectiveness of this great product, you should follow how to use on the brand’s website. “Take an adequate amount (2 to 3 pumps) on your hand and warm it between your palms. Blend it well with makeup by spreading it on the entire face, from the center to the outside and from the lower part to the upper part.”

Three Conditioning Mist SQ

Feeling instability on your skin? In this modern world, we’e facing polluted/dry air, pollen, blue lights, etc.. each of which stimulates and tires our sensitive skin. However, I have this set of spray mist, which keeps my skin bright and clear.

three conditioning mist

I bring these small bottles literally everywhere every day. Especially in the weekdays afternoon, I love to use “R” mist with citrus notes in relaxing aroma. I just spray the mist over my face when I feel my skis gets dry and tired. This mist with natural essential oil makes my skin refreshed and well hydrated. I also spray this right after I’m done with daily makeups in the morning, which prevents the makeup from going away.

Also, “A” mist is my best partner especially in winter and in long flights, where I have to fight with super dry air. This bergamot and rosemary oil-based mist always hydrates my skin and it remains there for long! I had not been a fan of spray-typed mist tbh, as they just go away so quick. However, this mist “locks” the moisture in my skin and “packs” with essential oil. I always check my stuff before heading for airports, and never leave home without passport, credit cards, eye mask and this mist.


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